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Hex Coin is a monetary revolution.

The main purpose of Hex Coins is to be used as Certificate of Deposit running on the Etherum Blockchain.
But this new ERC-20 token is not your usual cryptocurrency.

It has been designed to outperformed all past cryptocurrencies and potentially offer a 10,000x return on investment in the next 2,5 years. Many might see this as a very optimistic forecast but the reality is that such life changing profits are not uncommon in the cryptosphere. Hex coin has been optimized by Richard Heart and his team for maximum price appreciation and minimum price correction. Hex coins has great pumpamental feature that encourage staking ( locking up supply ) while the price appreciate at a fast pace,

Once the adoption phase is completed, Hex Coin could experience one of the smoothest bull  market in the history of digital assets. The threshold to participate in this speculative experiment is very low.

Indeed, existing Bitcoin holders can claim up to 10,000 Hex coins if they submit their claim on day 1 of the launch.
Then the longer then wait, the less Hex coins they will get.

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Bitcoin Holders have until December 2020 to claim hex coins.