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Hex Coin is a monetary revolution.

The main purpose of Hex Coins is to be used as Certificate of Deposit running on the Etherum Blockchain. But this new ERC-20 token is not your usual cryptocurrency.

It has been designed to outperformed all past cryptocurrencies and potentially offer a 10,000x return on investment in the next 2,5 years. Many might see this as a very optimistic forecast but the reality is that such life changing profits are not uncommon in the cryptosphere. Hex coin has been optimized by Richard Heart and his team for maximum price appreciation and minimum price correction. Hex coins has great pumpamental feature that encourage staking ( locking up supply ) while the price appreciate at a fast pace,

Once the adoption phase is completed, Hex Coin could experience one of the smoothest bull  market in the history of digital assets. The threshold to participate in this speculative experiment is very low.

Indeed, existing Bitcoin holders can claim up to 10,000 Hex coins if they submit their claim on day 1 of the launch.
Then the longer then wait, the less Hex coins they will get.

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Bitcoin Holders have until December 2020 to claim hex coins.

Hex Coin

HEX cryptocurrency is a freshly introduced altcoin that is designed to create the best store of value in history. It is the foremost cryptocurrency established on the blockchain with a high-interest certificate of deposit. According to its founder, Hex, on one hand, functions as a financial instrument and, on the other hand, it functions according to the principles of game theory. Users of Hex crypto get rewards for either holding the cryptocurrency or staking it the same way you do with a certificate of deposit (CD). The only difference in the case of Hex is that it is done on the blockchain. To learn more about the profit potential of this cryptocurrency, make sure to read our what is hex coin and can it make your reach article.

CDs have a great store of values and their worth are equivalent to trillions of dollars. They have a value that is greater than gold, credit cards, and fiat currencies. Holders or stackers of CDs get higher interest than savings accounts, but they require you to deposit fixed funds for a fixed time. Banks gain on poor customer service, early withdrawal charges, and automatic renewal rates.

The percentage they pay you in interest doesn't keep up with the percentage rise in price. While fiat money is regularly printed which affects its value, HEX is a good replacement for fiat currencies, which are inefficient fiats, banks, and financial networks. It achieves this role through its demonstrable safe peer-to-peer technology. 

The profit that banks and government make from HEX takes the profit out of banks and government money printing and gives it to HEX holders.

Each feature of HEX is structured to boost the rate and the rate of adoption of the crypto coin. It works as a positive feedback loop. HEX holders, who invested before others, stake their currency for a longer duration compared to those who stake later. They equally refer others to stake the coin.
HEX is the foremost certificate of deposit on the blockchain. Hex holders get paid Trustless Interest with no risk of middlemen. Staking HEX is equivalent to obtaining free mining hardware and mining the coin without the usual cost of electricity. The inflation rate of Hex is much lesser than that of Bitcoin, even when you cut the rate by 50 percent in a decade. The inflation rate as well doesn't come as fast given the fact that it is commonly paid on stakes that have ended and the stakes last up to a decade. Also, because the staked cryptos are not traded, their value increase over time. There are also potentials of some early stakers will early end stake and pay penalties to loyal 'stakes'.

Hex Coin Hodlers Enjoy Totally Trustless Interest

Trustless interest is another great feature of Hex cryptocurrency. If you are a bitcoin holder, to make more bitcoin on the bitcoin you have, a few things you can do is to both lend your coins and risk their return. Alternatively, you could try to sell your bitcoin to be able to purchase mining hardware and work hard to earn your original crypto coin later. Whichever option you decide to go with, you could still lose your money with bitcoin but the staking feature of Hex eliminates these issues. 

With Hex coin , you don’t have to be worried about counterparty risk in Bitcoin investments.

For most holders of bitcoin to earn interest, they have to transfer their crypto coin to a centralized middle man like an exchange. They can borrow a coin from the exchange to "short" the market. While sellers borrow crypto coins to sell hoping to repurchase them at a cheaper rate they can return them, thereby benefiting from the price reduction. 

These centralized middlemen commonly constitute a security breach that open door to hackers, jeopardize privacy, or charge some withdrawal fees. This has resulted in the theft of billions through either exchanges or coin lenders. 

These centralized third parties and middlemen are so important to users seeking yield (making interest) that the companies themselves have made more profit on Bitcoin than its founder. Billions and billions of dollars of value have shifted into the pockets of middlemen. 


HEX fixes this. 

This replaces these third parties with a trustless peer-to-peer to the system.

Instead of sending your HEX to exchange so they can lend it out on your behalf to earn interest for you.

Stakers of HEX get paid interest instead of miners.

Some holders of crypto coin mine to earn more cryptocurrency. With Hex cryptocurrency, you can stake your crypto coin, rather than send your money to a large foreign corporation to purchase mining gear which they could end up not supplying or supplying late. Also, by staking your cryptocurrency, don’t have to worry about the value of the coin depreciating or the costly electricity bill. 

HEX coin has Unpredictable Stickiness.

While standard cryptocurrencies have price and hash rate, HEX has HEX price and Share price. It directly influences the profit per share of the Staker, percentage of staking supply, the average length of stake, average stake size, eventual stake expiration plan, early and late end stake penalties.

HEX coin is perhaps the first crypto coin to have two autonomous security audits. The third audit is carried out by a mathematician on HEX's finances. HEX is a decentralized peer-to-peer network cryptocurrency with a plan of future sellable supply. This boosts the confidence of buyers concerning the value of their investment over time.